Steel | Strategy and Values
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    Al-ahmadeya Company for Import and Trading of Iron was established in 1987. The main objective was to trade, distribute and manufacture iron in various governorates of Egypt and the Middle East.

  Al-ahmadeya offers a wide range of products and a broad knowledge base in areas where its customers compete.

We have become one of the largest distributors in Egypt and the Middle East for major companies and we offer our services through factory

KILO 23 Alexandria Cairo Desert Road – Mergham

We have a huge fleet of trucks to transport the required shipments to our valued customers all over Egypt with fast delivery guarantee.

We have the ability to meet all the needs of our customers at the lowest prices while maintaining the same level of customer service.

Al-Ahmadeya recognizes that its success is closely linked to the success of its customers and therefore we strive for the aspirations of our customers  , Al-Ahmadeya also strives to find new ways to maximize the success of its customers in the local and international markets.

The Strategic Objectives of AL Ahmadeya

  1. Efficiency and rationalization of costs: 
    • Optimal use of resources through the implementation of the ERP system to rationalize spending and improve operating margins.
  2. Human resources: 
    • Find, select, recruit, develop and maintain the best human resources in the labor market using the best assessment and development tools Training.
  3. Excellence: 
    • Achieve and enhance excellence in work at all levels and functions through ongoing process improvement and improvement.

Values of Al Ahmadeya

  1. Industry: Follow-up of the world’s leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities.
  2. Business: Adhering to ethical standards and emphasis on
    Integrity and firmness of our business plan with our clients.
  3. Community: We appreciate the opportunities and responsibilities that change Radical in the lives of people. This is our contribution to society that justifies our existence.
  4. People: We rely on talent and career cadres.
  5.  Integrity: We act ethically and responsibly. Our relations are based on mutual trust and respect because we believe in honesty and transparency for all. We respect our agreements and make our commitments bear fruit.
  6. Management: We give priority to communication and participation because they are the driving forces, the foundations of teamwork. We are committed to our company’s goals and face all challenges with enthusiasm.