Steel | Factories
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Factory Of  laser

We have a Laser machines

cutting  metals into

plates, square bars and round tubes

& cutting  all types of metals

 (iron – stainless – aluminum – copper)

Factory Of Cutting and Bending

The company owns a line of cutting ,bending, where the company owns a set of Hydraulic cutting and bending machine can form up to 32 mm thickness and up to 8 meters in length and high accuracy.

Factory Of Rolling

Rolling is an industrial process that is one of the methods of metal formation. The idea is to pass the metal cold or hot through the bodies of cylindrical heavy and high hardness (called Dravil) in order to reduce the thickness of plates or diameter bars

Factory Of Straightening

The company has two lines of individual sheet
thickness of 0.5 mm and up to 16 mm thickness
of efficiency and accuracy.

Factory Of Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coil

The company has two lines to produce the pre-
painted sheets very efficiently.

Factory Of C / U Channel Steel

We have a manufacturing line of C/U channel
(Sigal )bearings of various sizes and lengths to
provide raw materials to customers.


Pioneers of steel In Egypt and the Middle East – al ahmadeya for importing and trading steel