Steel | Chairman Message
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Speech of the Chairman of the Board

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and to evelop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future.

Al-Ahmadeya Company was established in 1987 and specialized in the field of steel Based on the latest management systems in the management of systems and facilities, looking not only to expand locally and regionally, but to look at global levels of management, management and spread.

Bearing in mind the values ​​and principles upon which we were founded and which have established our great family (the Ahmadeya family) with each of its members. Investing in human development is the cornerstone of business success and sustainability.


Al-Ahmadeya is one of the first companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the field of importing steel from all over the world The company provides all required quantities in tenders as well as covers the needs of the local market, and we have a variety of industrial activities also.

As the company has tangible achievements in the fields of projects and public institutions and we have become, and thank God, pioneers in the field of steel in Egypt  advanced industrial companies by maintaining the quality of its products and its commitment to provide the best services to its customers.


Our goal is to achieve sustainable development all the time, and we are determined to continue this path continuously and to face the escalating challenges in the face of constant competition. The company has continued its positive results in terms of production processes and quality control and marketing within the Egyptian market because of its team of integrated management and technical expertise with highly experienced, providing the best services and technical advice that will help customers. We are not working for the success of our company, but in order to maximize the return of investment to all parties involved in the renaissance and economic prosperity of the country.


Our vision of success is to measure the satisfaction of our customers and meet their aspirations and needs. We continue to strive to improve our performance, find the best, and look for new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside Egypt, so I pray to God Almighty that the Al-Ahmadeya company continue its march and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and the development of our future children and society and one of the company’s priorities is its commitment to quality, international standards and best prices in the Egyptian market.


Al-Ahmadeya recognizes that its success is closely linked to the success of its customers and therefore we strive for the aspirations of our customers. Al-Ahmadeya also strives to find new ways to maximize the success of its customers in
the local and international markets.


The company continues to enhance its competitiveness and support innovation, which reinforces my belief that your trust and support for Al-Ahmadeya will bear fruit at all levels.


In the end, we are very interested in visiting our website, which can inform you of all the activities of the company. We appreciate your comments in order to enhance our relationship and enrich this website with your valuable contribution and even your expectations. I also extend my sincere gratitude to all our valued customers for their support and confidence and to continue to work towards the company’s future goals for further success.

It is my pleasure to extend my thanks and gratitude to the members of the Board of Directors, Directors and all the employees of the company in all specialties for their sincere efforts and hard work, wishing them success, progress and payment.