Steel | Health and safety
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Health and safety

Al AHMADEYA Company seeks to implement and evaluate OHSAS 18001

The company follows the following steps to develop a system for health, function and safety management:


  1. Conduct a study on the laws in the country that apply to the institution and its workers and its products and its activities and service and determine the standards necessary to comply with them.
  2. Conduct an integrated analysis of the effects arising from the products, processes and services of the establishment in the so-called risk analysis for job health and safety.
  3. Making mental measurements of the gap between what exists and showing the necessary standards for the purpose of setting goals and policies for the health and safety of the establishment, which is called the preliminary survey.
  4. Conduct a gap study between the status of the existing management of the organization and the requirements of the health and safety management system.


In general, this study is carried out by specialists in participation with the staff of the organization and using various tools including “Scrupulousness” And “Personal Interviews