Steel | Objective & Vision
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Al AHMADEYA aims at developing the methods of trade, manufacturing and forming iron, expanding the world of steel, opening many branches worldwide and establishing steel factories striving to reach the top in the next 10 years in the field of iron in particular and steel in general, It aims to speed up the implementation of customer demand through the latest technology and skilled manpower while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and implementation, after-sales service and supply the market with high quality products and competitive prices.


Al AHMADEYA Company seeks to be the best company in our field with a larger share of the market by 2025.

According to future plans, Al ahmadeya Company seeks to be an influential force in the local and international Egyptian market through:

– Establishing a lasting relationship based on mutual trust with our business and suppliers.

– We are committed to providing activities that achieve economic growth while taking into consideration our social responsibilities and preserving environmental resources for future generations.

– Taking care of research and development to ensure the use of the latest technologies as well as improving the standards and standards of the group through the diversity of products to meet different demands of customers.